Educational Offerings

MSC committees and working groups pool resources from manufacturers, vendors and interested parties across the industry to provide information, education and training programs that inform members on a variety of operating, production, marketing, distribution, technology and other issues.

Consumer information is also made available to help end users learn about industry products and their uses. Visit our consumer information section for everything from homeowner product guides to informative short videos.

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Industry Training

New technologies have been developed to assist small organizations to create and produce exciting new products for industry education and training. Once created, the next challenge is to provide access to the intended audience as conveniently and seamlessly as possible. The Mulch & soil Council is developing a new series of industry educational offerings targeting:

  • Checking Net Contents of Packaged Mulch Products.
  • Weights & Measures testing demonstration for mulch volumes.
  • Weights & Measures uniform testing for soils less than 1 cubic foot.
  • Uniform Packaging & Labeling Regulation (UPLR) for package design.
  • Product variability and setting target fill for packages.
  • Volume measure of bulk products.

Look for these new information and training videos as they are released.

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Collecting, Coordinating &
Disseminating Information

Consumer Education Videos

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Providing Industry
Education & Training